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  • Guild Wars 2 Thief Build with Sword and Dagger


    Before you planning to try this build, I have a sincerely advise for you, that is, this build is only fits for seasoned Thief but not newer because it is so complex that it is hard to master. In addition, best weapons for this build are both the mix of Sword and Dagger. The reason for the Thief to make such choice is that when players switch into weapons, they can gain initiative points that are necessary for rolling over and over. When you intent to dodge attack, you can make the most of No.3 skill of Sword and a mass of rolling-over. Ok, let's learn the build along with the developing of this post.



    I have told that the only combination of weapons is Sword and Dagger. From the following picture, you can see that there are several optional skills for you to trigger when you use the No.1 to No.3 skills, which is the special effect of this combination. Although this Thief build not focuses on Shadowstep, but this unique skill is also essential in this build, and this build has strengthened this skill through some choices. For instance, No.2 skill of Sword – Infiltrator's Strike and Shadow Return take good advantage of Shadowstep plus with an exclusive slot skill – Infiltrator's Signet, which allows Thieves to move to the side of enemies silently and they can return back to cure conditions with Shadow Return. Except for these, there are three other skills to cure conditions, which including the slot skills 6, 8, and 9.



    To add extra boons or combat ability for Thieves, the founder of this build has spared 30 points for Critical Strikes, 30 points for Acrobatics, and 10 points for Trickery. Consulting the picture above, the second line is used to improving critical hit damage and chance, the fourth line is used to dodge and evade attacks from outsider, and the last line offer a certain extent help to stealing after all stealing is the trade of Thieves.


    Aside from these basic techniques, there are several other auxiliary strategies for thief. First, you should match up sigils for your weapon sets for the sake of improving the force and endurance of weapons. The suggested Sigils of weapon sets are Sigil of Superior Energy and Sigil of Superior Accuracy. Second, you should add more endurance for your armors in case you are bashed by others. PvP Rune of Lyssa is the recommended rune that is helpful to add 165 Precision and 10% Condition Duration for you. Third, it is also important to wear Berserker’s series of Accessories and Jewels for your character. After completing the basic settings for your character, you can apply this build to real combat then.


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